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About Peaches and Cream

Peaches and Cream is a leading salon in Melbourne offering a wide variety of beauty treatments and skin care. These include skin needling, waxing, tinting, peels, threading, LED therapies and facial rejuvenation treatments. Special and advanced technologies are incorporated in all procedures undertaken by them resulting in an optimum level of skin care and satisfaction for customers. The focus of the salon is basically imparting the most effective forms of non-surgical cosmetic procedures to patrons.

Peach and Cream has a team of highly qualified and trained therapists who have professional expertise and knowledge in the latest modes of skin and beauty care methods. This has made them one of the leading providers of beauty care in Melbourne today.

Onestopmedia and Peaches and Cream

People looking for beauty treatments in Melbourne with specialised searches for skin care and necessary therapies will find the website of Peaches and Cream on the first result page of major search engines. But this had not always been so. In spite of offering the best therapies, they did not have a optimised website with a strong online presence and visibility. Since most purchase decisions are taken by potential customers after browsing the Internet, a low profile resulted in a loss of business opportunities for the salon.

Things improved when we at Onestopmedia a leading provider of web development services in Melbourne restructured their website. We made a keyword research and analysis to know which ones were relevant to the industry and those that people were typing in to look for similar services. These were incorporated in the website resulting in increased visibility. We also redesigned and developed the site to make it more user-friendly and attractive. Most importantly we created a responsive website to cater to increasing number of potential clients that use Internet enabled hand held devices to browse online.

Within a short time, Peaches and Cream began to get more traffic to their site which turned into higher rate of conversions and revenue.

About Onestopmedia

Onestopmedia offers advanced web development services that incorporate the latest technologies. Our team of well qualified and experienced professionals design and develop websites that are keyword optimised so that they rank high on results pages of major search engines. We also develop responsive websites that are compatible with all types of Internet enabled devices, from laptops and desktops to tablets and smart phones. Apart from this, we carry out superior and effective online digital marketing campaigns for our clients.

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