Arestaline8 and LipCorrect8 Pack

Arestaline8 and LipCorrect8 Pack


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Arestaline8 Generation6th  50ml.

Arestaline8 is a proven wrinkle-correcting formula that incorporates the very latest technology from around the world. It stacks 6 separate peptides and specifically targets the appearance of wrinkles while working to maintain hydration levels. Arestaline8 is unique and it works. Arestaline8 contains Snap8 and Leuphasyl to help reduce wrinkles by up to. Dermaspa have always promised to bring clients the best, most up to date, anti-aging solutions and now in 2014 Delisens has been added. Delisens is a new hexapeptide especially designed for sensitive skin. Testing and trials by Lipotec have shown that Delisens can help to protect the skin and relieve discomfort while ameliorating dryness, scaling and redness. Arestaline8 just got even better!

LipCorrect8 4ml.

Using a precise and advanced combination of science & nature, LipCorrect8 and its active ingredients have been formulated to target the appearance of aging in the lips and nasolabial folds. Three active ingredients – Hyanify, Hilurlip and Seacode – have been selected for LipCorrect8 and have been combined with Lipomoist 2036 to help boost lasting hydration, reduce the appearance of the nasolabial fold, improve skin texture and plump and redefine the appearance of the lips while minimising the look of fine vertical lines.

Country of Origin: AUSTRALIA