Ciencia8 Beauty Day Pack+ Free Aloe Vera Juice With Collagen Peptides

Ciencia8 Beauty Day Pack+ Free Aloe Vera Juice With Collagen Peptides


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Ciencia8 Collagen8 Generation5 30ml.
From the moment you apply Collagen8 the peptides and ingredients start to counteract the appearance of visible and invisible signs of ageing. Within minutes your skin will look and feel more dewy, taut, & youthful.

Ciencia8 Arestaline8 Generation 5 50ml.
Arestaline8 is a proven wrinkle-correcting formula that incorporates the very latest technology from around the world. It stacks 6 separate peptides and specifically targets the appearance of wrinkles while working to maintain hydration levels. Arestaline8 is unique and it works. Arestaline8 contains Snap8 and Leuphasyl to help reduce wrinkles. For sensitive skins the hexapepitide Delisens has been added. Testing and trials by Lipotec have shown that Delisens can help to protect the skin and relieve discomfort while alleviating dryness, scaling and redness. Arestaline8 just got even better!

Ciencia8 NeckCorrect8 50ml.
Skin aging is primarily caused by environment, hormonal changes, sun damage and well, getting older! NeckCorrect8 is a targeted formula for reviving the appearance of delicate skin on the neck and chest and improve sagging, loss of elasticity, and density. It also works on the rest of your body to improve tone and the appearance of your silhouette!

Ciencia8 Preparation8 50ml.
Preparation8 is a next generation leave-on exfoliator that uses the technology of enzymatic desquamation to gently remove dead skin while hydrating at the same time.

Care Instructions: Ciencia8 Collagen8 Generation5
Pl ac e Collagen8 onto fingertips and massage gently all over the face and around eyes. Use AM and PM. Patch test on a small area of skin before use.

Ci en cia8 Arestaline8 Generation 5
Push the white disc for measured amount of Arestaline8. Place Arestaline8 onto fingertips and gently massage all over face and around eyes. Use morning and night. Patch test on a small area of skin before use. If irritation occurs discontinue use.

Ci encia8 NeckCorrect8
A pply morning and night after cleansing.
< br >Ciencia8 Preparation8
Pump into palm of hand then apply directly to the face and neck. Allow to absorb.

Country of Origin: AUSTRALIA

Technical Specifications:
What is included:

• 1 x Ciencia8 Collagen8 Generation5 30ml

• 1 x Ciencia8 Arestaline8 Generation 5 50ml

• 1 x Ciencia8 NeckCorrect8 50ml

• 1 x Ciencia8 Preparation8 50ml